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Why Kilkari

At Kilkari our patient is not just a patient  but our relationship with the client is being “WE”. We would like to stand with you in thick & thin and guide you through the proper process of IVF and assisted reproductive techniques because for “US” the most important reward is your continuing faith in our  treatment.

We will ensure :

  • Individualized attention to all patients and their problems as no two clinical situations are the same.
  • Personalized counseling service by our counselor and complete explanation of each and every process by diagrams, charts and audiovisual devices, we firmly believe that you have a right to know about your treatment.
  • Complete transparency in gamete and embryo handling with facility for transmission & recording of entire gamete and embryo processing with complete confidentiality. We ensure all the gametes and embryo processing is displayed to you in specially designated area for the same.
  • Quality assurance of the drugs used in IVF treatment and maintenance of cold chain for drugs when required so that your treatment is always optimum . We will never compromise with quality.
  • We ensure that our laboratory and OT area is completely germ free, to ensure this our lab and OT are entirely dedicated to IVF treatment and are seperate from other general procedure areas. Regular quality control tests are done to ensure safety.
  • We have the worlds best laminar flow work stations and the latest micromanipulators to ensure smoothest test tube baby process with machines (incubators) that completely simulates mother’s womb, so the embryo gets best chances of growth.
  • All embryos are shown to the couple before being transferred to the mother’s womb.
  • We have installed latest advanced ultrasound machine with special facility for high resolution scanning and follicle monitoring including Doppler by qualified lady sonologist so that your privacy is ensured at the same time results of the tests are accurate, your doctors are fully trained to make best use of such an advanced machine and have ample experience. Not only this but since the treating specialist is preforming the doppler examination there is no chance of miscommunication.
  • Facility for embryo and gamete freezing, donor sperm sample and surrogacy are provided when needed, all the samples used in our laboratory are free from communicable diseases and are certified for the same.
  • We have dedicated clinics for family planning, post menopausal health, anaemia treatment, advanced gynaecologic minimal access surgeries including hysteroscopy and other endoscopies, pre-marietal counseling , gynaecologic cancer screening and treatment with dedicated cancer prevention unit for screening of gynaecologic cancers (especially carcinoma cervix, carcinoma endometrium, carcinoma ovary and carcinoma breast).
  • A dedicated andrology lab for diagnosing male factor insufficiency with complete privacy and analysis of all the parameters according to WHO guidelines.
  • Facility of entire spectrum of testing including advanced hormone assays, histopathology, IHC  and genetic testing. We are duly registered with appropriate government authority for the same.
  • Integrated diet management, stress reduction, yoga and life style modification guidance is available.
  • The center is fully equipped for treating medical emergencies arising during the IVF procedure.


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