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Patient Guide

Simply visit us and we will take care of your treatment requirement, however you may like to inform us about your visit by:

Step 1:

Simply call us at our number between 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM and fix an appointment, or leave a message on cell numbers provided or simply email to us at email address provided or through the link in the website.

Step 2:

Fixing an appointment three days in advance shall help us in serving you even better.Based on the investigations required and desired treatment you may be asked to visit the centre on a particular day of the menstrual cycle. First day of your visit will be about assessing your problem, blood and hormone levels, other tests like ultrasound or special X-rays and one to one counselling about the problem and treatment options. By the end of this day most routine tests or some special test results shall be available and you will be guided about the next day and next visit. Most special test results will be ready by third day of your visit. Please provide a proof of marriage if requested to do so as it may be necessary for certain special procedures.

Step 3:

This will be regarding following the decided specific treatment plan. You may be required to observe certain simple “to do” and “not to do” things, if an operative procedure is planned it is required that you come empty stomach on the day of procedure i.e. nothing taken by mouth since last midnight, please call us the previous day if there is any doubt regarding any instructions. Please bring your one or two adult relatives who can understand the procedure and can give a valid consent. You shall also be explained about next visit and procedures.


Duration Of Stay 2 Days 10-15 Days (Or 5-7 Days)
Procedure Consultation Daily Hormone as Required Injections
Couple History & Examinations Sonography And Blood Tests During The Cycle
Sonography Of Female Partner Ovum Pickup
Blood Test Of Couple Embryo Transfer
Semen Analysis Of Male Partner Post Embryo Transfer Counseling
Treatment Plan
Downregulation Injection Or Further Planning For Ivf Cycle Date

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