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Success rate of infertility treatment across different patients and different clinical situations is simply too difficult to compare. Like we all are different as human beings so are our treatment needs. Success rates in our different treatments is affected by many factors including disease in question, genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle, obesity, age of the patient, patient reserve and quality of gametes ( Ova and sperm), pre-existing diseases and many more factors. This entire journey is about crossing all hurdles and reaching the status of motherhood. The standard success rate of IVF treatment across the globe in the best of the centers is about 30-35%.

When you are a patient at Kilkari fertility and Women’s health centre  you receive best multidisciplinary integrated treatment plan which is made according to each patient’s specific needs. This will include a clinical session on your specific problem, counseling session on different treatment options and then laboratory testing, assessment of hormone levels, control of insulin and blood sugar, advice on healthy and fertility improving diet, control of obesity non surgically without medicines and stress management to ensure that you receive the best available treatment to maximize treatment success rate.

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